In the Seventies, Vitrerie Maurice was born following a friendly meeting between Mr Joseph Flesch and of Mr Felix Maurice in the garage of Mr Maurice on Boivin street, in Granby. With time, the company, commonly called Vitrerie Maurice Inc, will carry out his first steps in the small town of Granby, to the 460 of the Cowie street. With the years, the children of Mr Flesch, Ronald, Michel and Suzanne followed their father foot steps and took over the business.

Later, Ginette spouse Michel joined the team and would contribute to make this glaziery an extremely cordial place where time seems to stop. Gradually, Vitrerie Maurice changed. La Galerie du Verrier (Gallery of the Glassmaker) was founded thanks to the ideas of our two accomplices. La Galerie du Verrier is much more than one simple showroom. It offers to manually gifted people, to curious and even to the beginners a wide display of courses.

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